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Other Cool Sites that I like (Bestiez/Mutuals!)

Need Web Building Resources? I got you! | create blinkies with custom text! website badge for hillhouse on neocities

Glitter Graphics- Place to find banners, fonts, blinkies and more!
Help w/ coding boxes/divs
HTML Compatible Color Codes
Gifcities- Find Old School GIFs here!
TextAnim- Make your own custom animated text!
Lots of cute backgrounds to choose from!
SMP Player- Create your own custom playlist for your webpage!
Cursor Mania- Customize the cursor on your site using this!
Totally Free Cursors- More cursors to choose from for your site.
Earthbound Text Generator!- Text boxes generated in the style from the game Earthbound/MOTHER 2
Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, and Coding!
Lejlart- A good place to find some cute pixel art, backgrounds, and more!
Transparent Textures- Make your own backgrounds
Rainbow Text Color Fader- Gives the text on your page a very pretty gradient color!
List of Colors you can Type into CSS/HTML!
Add some super cool and super cute effects your website! Want some cool new fonts for your site? Click here!
Cute and fun stickers!