This list ranges from mild pet peeves to shit that makes me want to maul someone (in no particular order).
I will not be making dedicated pages to the stuff I hate (unlike my Love page) because it's horrible for my mental health.
I want to focus on keeping my site a mainly positive and pleasant space on the internet. But I do have a side that occassionally likes to rage and be mean too. <3
This also serves as a DNI list to some extent. If any of the more serious stuff I list applies to you, get the fuck off my website.
Also I'm not holding back on this page because this is the only place on my website (besides my Blogging section) where I allow myself to be angry, mean, and unfiltered so enjoy.
Or don't! <3
x Old Men
x TERFs/Transphobes
x Transmeds
x People who invade my personal space
x Racists/Anti-Black people
x Paying Taxes
x Social Media
x Capitalism/Commercialism
x The modern web
x Being called "dude/nerd/loser/dork" (even playfully)
x People who talk too much/say more than they need to
x Nonblack people in Black people business
x Exercising
x Lesbophobes/Homophobes
x People pleasers
x People who over share their sex life (YUCK.)
x bi/pan """"lesbians"""" (lmfao)
x Having my time wasted
x People who never shut up about their relationship (I don't care. can we please talk about something else)
x Adults who cry/piss their pants when kids/teens are slightly rude to them (loser lol)
x MAPs/Pedos/whatever the fuck (including their apologists. Die.)
x Being told what to do/how to spend my own money
x Profiction/"""anti antis"""/losers who use "anti"/"fanpol" unironically
(I agree that fiction is a great tool for exploring scenarios/pushing boundaries, but people ONLY bring this up b/c they want to jack it to CSA/other sexual violence/trauma. Bitchless behavior.)
x People who are always in drama (pls find peace w/in yourself)
x Prudes
x Clingy people
x Disney adults
x Pessimists/Doomers
x Cryptobros/NFT enjoyers (literally die and go to Hell)
x Litterers
x Bitches who start discourse for fun (esp LGBT discourse just shut the everloving fuck up)
x Cleaning. (I admit that I am lazy as hell, but I am working on it.)
x When people ask me too many questions at once (I am just going to ignore you atp)