Why I'm Apolitical and Loving it!

The Rampant Racism on both sides in American Politics

I want to start this off by saying, that NO. I am not a centrist. There is a big difference between being a centrist and being apolitical. I don't associate myself with no type of political party or politics; whether that be left, communism, socialism, etc., etc. "But Ike! Not only are you black, you're also agender and a lesbian!" Yes! These statements are very correct and the keyword here is...black! How? Well, let's start off by saying that I tried to be more involved in politics and topics surrounding politics when I was around 19...turning 20. I thought that since I was an adult now, it only made sense to become involved in politics and the issues surrounding the world around me. It did not go to waste of course, I learned a lot about important issues and gained a perspectives on a lot of stuff I have never considered before. BUT ONE...very glaring issue I have noticed and could never ignore is that not only are a lot of American political spaces (?) overwhelming white and prioritize theirselves and voices above absolutely anyone else, but they're also filled with a lot of (self-proclaimed) "ex-Nazis". Well, I don't know about you, but I have NEVER in my life been comfortable who used to think that Hitler was cool and everyone who doesn't look like them should fuck off and die (even though they prove multiple times that they still believe that to a certain extent, but we will get there). In fact, a lot of leftist spaces are so much more focused on helping Nazis/alt-right people and rehabilitating them into lefties instead of helping more vulnerable who really need community support, like POC and black people, especially if they're LGBTQ+. I know that in theory it MAY sound like a good idea, getting people from the other side to come join you and see things from your perspective, but there's always seems to be some of that evilness and racism still lingering in their heart that still slips out...no matter how many times they use black and brown people as a talking point for online brownie points and/or debating with alt-right incels online. A lot of white leftists don't REALLY care about POC, they just say "racism and anti-semitism bad" because they know it pisses the right off and call it a day without actually doing anything to help the most vulnerable people in their communities. Which brings me to my next point! Progressive racism.
"Ike, wtf is progressive racism? Isn't that an oxymoron??" Please read my definition of progressive racism very carefully. Progressive racism; when white people (who usually identify as leftists), who pretend to care about People of Color, go completely mask off racist at a POC because what they believe in doesn't match exactly 100% with their personal politcial agenda and beliefs. A great example is when Roe v. Wade overturned earlier this year. Everyone was very reasonably upset by this decision (I had a few choice words myself), but A LOT of the conversation revolved around the ONLY singular black judge on the entire Supreme Court panel and were so quick to call him the n-word and all type of slurs, like the majority of the judges who voted to over turn the decision were not white men. But no, it's all the BLACKS fault! See what I'm getting at? This is not the only instance where I have seen this happen (I have seen this happen MULTIPLE times. Especially on social media), but it's the most recent one I can think of. And don't think yt kweers are exempt from this either. In fact, most of the time, this racist nonsense (whether blatant or subtle) comes from yt kweers. How am I supposed to believe that white leftists care about black and brown people AT ALL, when a lot of them go full racist as soon as just one them does something you don't like it or believes in something that you don't. It just takes one (1) POC to say/do something ignorant, then suddenly it's "Fuck ALL the black people! ALL the Arabs can go to Hell! Heehee, using racist slurs on more conservative POC are funny and based". It's not genuine. It's fake as fuck. A lot of self proclaimed white leftists like to come online and play pretend revolutionary communist all the while, upholding white supremacy...you know. One of the things they claim to fight against (which is one of, if not THE, largest staples of fascism...duh.). Here's a tip. If you wanna fight fascism, being a racist and saying insane things like "Well. Everyone in the middle east is homophobic and hates trans people so idc if they get blown up." is doing the exact opposite. You're just spouting out old racist and fascist remakes, so great "anti-fascist activism" you got there. So, even with all that talking that you like to do, guess what you're doing? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing to fight fascism, because a chunk of white leftists are still...really racist wow! Congratuations! You're useless and have just made the problem even worse!
I don't even think I need to get into how or why the alt-right is racist (we've all seen it.) SO, instead I will now talk about why being apolitical is great! For one, my beliefs and morals are NOT based in politics. They're based in believing that POC, Queer, diabled people and anyone else disadvantaged by the society that we live in deserves the same rights and respect, just like anyone who is not a part of any of those groups/communinities. One thing I hate is when literal human rights issues are called "political issues". That makes it so easy for people to say something like, "I don't want to get political." or "That doesn't align with my politics". These are not political issues, it's just basic morals to believe that everyone deserves a long and fulfilling life and the same rights and resources as everyone else (Hence why I hate when people say that my idenity is directly tied to politics, therefore I MUST have a political alignment. No. I am simple who I am that's it. Not a walking political statement.). This also goes for minimum wage talk, talking about climate change, reproductive rights and so on! I feel like if we stopped labeling everything as "politics", people would be at least a little bit more empathetic to one another...or at least I would hope so. I am also now free from associating with a lot of fake anti-fascists! I don't have to pretend to be cool about the ex-Nazi in the room or the yt kweer who thinks it's funny to make jokes at the expense of black people because they saw a black person say something ignorant about the LGBT community online once. There is never any excuse for racism, even if it's for your silly little political agenda. The safety of BIPOC (especially those who are LGBT+) will forever be way more important than of that FAKE white revolutionist bullshit. If you're going to be racist, just be that. Stop pretending to care about BIPOC when you don't and you know you don't. Just leave us alone forever until the end of time. You, dear reader, don't have to be have a specific political alignment to find community and make friends with the ones who really do support and care about you. Just be sure to use to discernment and not to be so trusting because of whatever political party someone claims to align with! As long as you care about and respect the people around and the most vulnerable people in your community, that's all that matters! (Along with taking action and putting in the work to help marginalized peoples!)
Thanks for reading! (I also apologize if this read was confusing, I know that I used "you" a lot referring to multiple people, but I wasn't really sure how else to word it lol!)
- Webmaster Ike
(This is a living document and is constantly changing. Please be sure to check back for changes, updates, and added points to the article!)