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A Goofy Movie (1995)-06/22/20

Now, before I delve in deep, let's get one thing straight. I am NOT a Disney fan in any way, shape, or form. Disney, in a lot of ways, display many immoral practices within the company and over the entire business industry as whole. Not to mention, that a lot of the movies they have been pumping out as of late, fail to catch my attention in any sort of way.
With that out of the way, let me just say that "A Goofy Movie" is one of my favorite movies of all time. The movie stars Goofy and his son, Max Goof. Who, can I just say that Max Goof is one of the cutest characters out there. It's not just his face and extremely outdated outfit, but it's also in the little quirks that he got from his dad and he doesn't even know it. It's so cute how much the two are alike, even though Max just REFUSED to see it. Anyways, basically the plot of the movie is that Goofy takes Max on a family road trip cross country in order to deepen their Father-Son bond. He gets this idea after the principal of the school called Goofy at work basically exaggerating a stunt that Max pulled in school that day, saying he was "going to end up in the electric chair". Which, can I just say that that is one of the most absurd and disrespectful things a principal can say to a parent. But hey, I guess principals in the 90s were a different breed. But, here's the problem. Goofy believes that they're on their way to Lake Destiny Idaho to fish, while Max has Los Angeles, California as the final destination in mind. The thing is that right before he left town for the trip, he told his crush, Roxanne, that he couldn't make it to the party he had just asked to take her to that day because his dad was taking him to see Powerline (a World Famous Pop Star in their world) in concert. And not only that, but he and Goofy were going to be joining Powerline on stage for the final number. Somehow believing every single word he says, Roxanne looks forward to seeing him on stage for the final number during the party. During the road trip, many hijinks ensue, leading to a rewarding and satisfying pay off at the end the will truly touch your heart.
I don't want to give away too much, because I truly believe that this is a movie you need to see for yourself. The main message of the story is communication. Literally, half of the events that happened in the movie never would have happened if Max and Goofy just communicated with one another from the beginning. They are only able to do that at the climax of the movie and eventually reach a mutual understanding. I think this is a message that many people can take advice from. Whether if it's with your parents, or a partner, friend, whatever! Communication is important and no one in this world is a mind reader. Just tell them what's going on, and if they really loved you, then they would listen and be understanding about it.
A Goofy Movie is just one of those films I will never EVER get tired of watching no matter how many times I do. In fact, I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times I've watched it. I watch it every year with my younger sister at the end of the school year/semester to get into the summer mood and I never get tired of it. I love this movie a lot. So, A Goofy Movie is a like a slighly, yet perfectly defrosted orange popsicle. Sweet, satisfying, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. ★★★★★(5/5 stars).
P.S. The songs in this movie are also amazing and they're lit af. Especially, "I2I". I just can NOT get enough of that song.

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