Gen III Vampires

AKA: Modern Vampires
Age Range: 3499-1300 years old
Appearance: Multicolored. Come in all sorts of shades and sizes. Green, purple, and blue eyes have started to emerge.
Habitat: Castles, houses, towns, villages, cities

Many Gen III vampires were born into wealth and the lap of luxury. Because of this, they never really had to work or struggle for anything in their lives. The stories of the experiences of older vampires from the past don’t really intrigue that many of them. What Modern vampires are really interested in are keeping up with the latest trends in both the vampire and human world. Unlike Gen I and II vampires, Gen III vampires are rather fond of humans overall. Not only do they have a keen interest in human culture, but they are often seen interacting and mingling with humans.
This angers many elder vampires, especially Classic vampires, because of the history between the human race and vampires being mostly vitriol. But, modern vampires see this nothing more as the past and should be left there. This causes many interfamilial conflicts between Classic and Modern vampires. Many Gen II vampires feel like this constant socializing with humans is a betrayal to everything they had worked for, everything they stand for, and the destabilization of vampire culture. Gen III vampires don’t see it that way. Modern vampires see their interactions with humans and their culture as a means to heal the wounds of the past and move forward.
Gen III vampires like to spend a lot of their time on their phones and the internet in order to keep up with the latest trends and to socialize with one another, as well as humans. They’ve picked up a lot of hobbies like writing, painting, shopping, clubbing, and many more! Modern vampires still need to drink blood to survive, but they usually mix it in with other drinks and foods in smaller quantities than previous generations. They mainly eat human food like pizza, burgers, fries, soda, etc., as long as there is no garlic in it. While Modern vampires can transform into bats like their predecessors, they do not do it nearly as often and can’t stay in that form as long as older vampires. They have also developed transformation quirks, like their bat ears and/or tails remaining present in their humanoid forms. The most common quirk is their bat wings sticking out after returning to their original form.
Due to an increase of vampires in human pop culture, humans have now extended open arms to vampires (whether they truly believe that they exist or not). Since humans have a significantly shorter lifespan than vampires, they hold very little recollection of the ill will that was strongly harbored by their ancestors centuries ago. Thus, vampire and human media and culture have slowly begun to merge. Vampires working with humans working with humans, humans dating vampires, both races exchanging fashion and ideologies. This is the new world that modern vampires have created with the humans of today.
Many Gen II vampires actively stand against this. Gen I vampires are not particularly fond of this fact, but they don’t mind it to the point of letting it play out. Like stated earlier, a majority of Gen III vampires were born with a gold spoon in their mouth, therefore they have very little to no work ethic whatsoever. Some modern vampires pick up modern jobs, as not only a way for their parents to get off of their backs, but also as a means to socialize with humans on a daily basis. Modern vampires are still weak to regular vampire repellents like garlic and the sun, but to a much less severe degree than their predecessors. For example, Gen I vampires would almost instantly burn up in the sunlight if their body was fully exposed to it. Their tolerance for the sunlight is almost nonexistent. Gen II vampires tolerance in the sunlight is only slightly higher. If Classic vampires don't find shade within a certain time limit, the burns received from the sun could be life lasting, extreme, and disfiguring in some cases. Modern vampires are fine out in the sun, as long as they wear special vampire specific sunblock and dress appropriately (long sleeves, large sunhats, umbrellas, etc.)
Modern vampires are still nocturnal for the most part, mainly only being active at night, but they occasionally like to catch events that take place during the day time. Thus, some young vampires are diurnal instead. Modern vampires are very laid back and don’t like too much stress.