Gen II Vampires

AKA: Classic Vampires
Age Range: 6499-3500 years old
Appearance: Varying shapes and sizes, light skin/dark hair & dark skin/light hair, red, orange, or yellow eyes
Habitat: Old villages, castles, forests, and caves

Gen II vampires are definitely a vastly different breed than their predecessors. Raised and socialized in the world of gen I vampires, gen II vampires became increasingly curious about humans and the way they and their society worked. Not before long, the vampires began to compare their own lifestyle to the way humans lived their lives. Humans lived in castles and villages and bathed in riches, enjoying their lives, while they lived in caves fed off of livestock like animals. They were punished and killed by humans just for trying to survive. Gen 2 vampires did not want to be like their predecessors and live in fear of man. They decided that now was the best time to take action. Classic vampires are much more aggressive than ancient vampires. The different clans and tribes of the vampire race slowly came together and merged to take a stand against their common enemy.
After many years of planning and preparation, vampires went on the attack during late October, thousands of years ago, conquering a small human kingdom. Hundreds of humans were slaughtered in the process; their blood being sapped from their cooling bodies right into the fang filled mouths of bloodthirsty creatures of the night. Word spread quickly among young vampires and it inspired them to also push back against the terror humans have lead against their kind of centuries. Thus, the “Resurrection” of the vampire race began.
Many, many vampires descended from the midnight sky upon human villages and kingdoms across the land. Humans tried to fight back against this uprising and wage war on the vampires. Even though vampires were fewer than humans in numbers, classic vampires were much stronger and smarter than them. They were extremely merciless and killed any humans in sight and took all of their riches and possessions as their own. Just like ancient vampires, classic vampires were weak to the sun as well (to a lesser degree, but still to a detrimental extent), so they rested during the day and went on the attack at night.
Due to this, any small number of humans who survived the vampire attacks the night before, would flee to the next village in a hurry to warn other humans of what might befall them the following evening if they did not flee before nightfall. Not before long, humans began moving out of the area in droves as vampires took over the land. Despite this, vampires still had to continue to defend their newly acquired land. There have been many times when humans had come back during the day time, trying to blindside the vampires, and attempted to take back what was once theirs. However, this only worked for a very short amount of time, for the vampires quickly adapted by casting tall, black trees to shade their houses and communities. Not before long, humans were driven out for good. Many ancient vampires moved in with their classic vampire kin to begin living a new and much more comfortable lifestyle.
Because of the many encounters with humans and acquiring their possessions, classic vampires became a lot more well versed in human culture and their languages. In the middle of all of these battles and massacres, humans left many of their belongings behind. With these tools, vampires began to learn and educate themselves. Through this, vampires learned about the world around them, many human customs and adapted different aspects of that culture as their own. While not all of them did, many Gen 2 vampires began picking lifelong partners and would hold wedding ceremonies. They also began using gold coins as currency as an exchange for goods and services and still do to this day. Classic vampires also began eating things other than just straight blood, like bread and some fruits, but in small quantities. Vampires also began to wear gold (never silver), jewelry and regal garments. Through the countless battles with human beings, vampires created and obtained ranks, which put an entirely new hierarchy system in place, with Count/Countess being the highest out of all of the ranks. The remaining titles/ranks (from highest to lowest are: Earl, Chatelain, Castellan, Viscount/Viscountess, Vidame, and Baron/Baroness). Vampires with these titles are referred to as the “Creatures of the Realm”. Some vampires even began to pick up human hobbies and occupancies like painting or assigning others to deliver mail. This is different from a monarchy, but vampires of these rankings are usually the ones that are looked to for guidance.
This way, the classic vampires of yesteryear felt the most confident and comfortable knowing the next generation of vampires are going to be born into a life of luxury and comfort, knowing that they won’t have to struggle or hunt, like the vampires of the past. Today, gen II vampires sit back and relish in their accomplishments of yesterday and spend most of their days recounting and writing memoirs of their glory days. They hold their generation in such high regard, that they often hold the same expectations for their own children.