Gen I Vampires

AKA: Ancient Vampires
Age Range: 6500+ years old
Appearance: Tall and lanky, black hair & white skin, white hair & black skin (almost monochromic like palettes), red eyes
Habitat: Caves and deep dense forests

Vampires have been around for about as long as men have existed, if not longer. These early vampires dwelled in dark caves and dense forests; places that are barren of any human civilization. Instead of feeding on humans, many gen I vampires fed on livestock and small animals to survive. Gen I vampires were fearful and extremely weary of humans as a collective, so they made sure to avoid them completely by all means necessary. At this point, vampires and humans have had a long history of ongoing restlessness and conflict with one another. Humans had the upper hand by gathering in large groups, using simple technology such as spears, pitchforks, and torches to drive them away, along with natural resources like garlic and silver. They also lived in groups and communities, which they used to their advantage against the vampires. Not all humans believed in vampires because they were rarely seen, for they only came out at night. But enough humans believed in their existence as an explanation for the increasing numbers of dying/missing livestock.
Gen I vampires usually lived alone or with their mother/children/siblings. At this time, vampires did not choose life long partners or marry one another. Once a year, vampires of a matured age would choose who to mate with and go their separate ways afterwards, though it was not uncommon for vampires of this generation to choose the same mating partner year after year. Because vampires were generally raised by a grandmother or mother, a matriarchal structure was engraved into vampire culture very early on. Gen I female vampires tend to be taller and bigger than gen I male vampires. When mating, the female always does the selecting.
Ancient vampires had no real sense of community. They had different tribes and clans that they had belonged to, but they all usually stayed within relative distance from their respective kin. If another clan trespasses onto another clan's territory, conflict would ensue. Because of the divisiveness among clans, vampire society at this point had made very little progress. Like stated earlier, ancient vampires only live with close and immediate family members. There were no currencies, policies, governments, or anything like that in place. Vampires just hunted for food with their kin, then went back into hiding to avoid any direct conflict with humans and any other vampires.
Gen I vampires could transform to and from their humanoid and bat forms with ease. Ancient vampires prefer to be in their bat form a majority of the time in order to avoid being detected and get their rest the best way they knew how; by hanging upside down from the ceiling. Today, ancient vampires aren’t as common as they used to be, for they are starting to slowly pass away from old age, but many of them still exist. While some of them live with their descendents in their newfound homes and castles, many of them continue to live in caves and forests. Once again, making the sightings of ancient vampires a rarity.