What does MILF/GILF stand for?

Mom I'd Like (to) Fuck/Grandma I'd Like (to) Fuck (can also be called GMILF)

Ike's official definition of a MILF/GILF

A lady who is 30+ years old, hot, and motherly (in one way or another). I don't think they necessarily need to have children. Same extends to GILFs except the age is 60+.

What's with you and MILFs?!

Everybody has their preferences...and I have mine. ( ´ ▽ ` )

What do you like about them?

Everything. Literally everything.

Is this page NSFW?

No. I keep everything NSFW to my Patreon.

Wait so...What is the point of this page?!

To go full lesbo mode and express my eternal love for older women. More coming soon...

Fruity af

Thanks I know! (o^▽^o)