Full Name: Lilith Lăcrămioara Sange
Age: 2400+ years old
Gender: Cis woman (she/her)
Race: Black Vampire
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: Tall(ish)
Generation: III/Modern Vampire
Bio: A 3rd generation Vampire, who is the 1st niece of Countess Sange and the first born daughter of Chatelaine Sange. She's a wild and very trendy vampire who doesn't like to play by the rules. Even down to the way she dresses, she defies the norms of how most, even modern, vampires behave. Despite this, the Countess actually likes her niece a lot. She doesn't like the fact that she hangs out around humans, but she doesn't mind so much knowing that her niece could kill any human if she really wanted to and has done so before (unlike her own children). The cape she wears is a symbol of that(the only piece of traditonal vampiric clothing she wears), only earned through slaying and drinking the blood of at least 50 humans. Where as her cousin, Donovan and Dorin, have barely even considered doing so. This worries Donovan and Dorin, because they believe vampires like her may start a new age Vampire-Human war if not careful. Lilith always assures them that "It's fine. They attacked me first anyways." When she's not out at parties or raves, getting crazy drunk, she likes to chill at home and play on her bass guitar. Much like Donovan, Lilith is always keeping up with the latest in human pop culture, though for her, sometimes it's difficult to keep up considering that the overall collective attention span of humans is astronomically short.