oParent Aestheticso:

O Angelcore
O Barbiecore
O Bimbocore
O CareBearscore/CBcore
O Lovecore

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What is Ikecore?

Ikecore is an aesthetic that was officially coined in 2023 created from Ikes desire not to be alter himself to fit into a hyper specific aesthetic, while still being able express himself freely within a categorized aesthetic. Ikecore is an amalgamation of McBling, Bimbocore, Rainbowcore, Barbiecore, Sanriocore, etc, mixed with anything else that Ike (me) enjoys.
This aesthetic was also born to give the creator (Ike) some type of control over own their life and distraction from the soul crushing and bleak tediousness of adult life on Earth. Some of the key values of this aesthetic can range from nostalgia and comfort to near reality breaking delusion. Therefore, the disturbing undertones of this aesthetic are hard to ignore.

Music Genres:

o Bedroom Pop
o Bubblegum Dance
o City Pop