Full Name: Dorin Vladimir Sange
Age: 1900+ years old
Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)
Race: Black Vampire
Sexuality: Bi
Height: Tall(ish)
Generation: III/Modern Vampire
Bio: A 3rd generation Vampire, the second born child of Countess Sange. Dorin is a much more shy and reserved than their older brother, Donovan, but their interest in the human race is much stronger than his. Dorin's interest in humans is nothing short of pure infatuation. No one is really sure what it is about humans that has captivated Dorins heart so intensely, and when asked about it they usually just says "They're so dreamy.", let's out a long sigh, and nothing more. Other than that, it is truly a mystery. Most days, Dorin can be found writing poetry in the deep woods. Being surrounded by forest helps them write and they're not really good at painting like their brother is. Donovan and Dorin are two very different individuals who rarely get along, but they do have their moments where it shows that they truly do care for one another. Because they also had a wealthy upbringing, they tend to have their moments of being spoiled and naive (due to the Countess' sheltering and smothering of her children).