Full Name: Donovan Constantine Sange
Age: 2200+ years old
Gender: Cis man (he/him)
Race: Black Vampire
Sexuality: Gay
Height: Tall(ish)
Generation: III/Modern Vampire
Bio: This 3rd generation Vampire, the first born son of Countess Sange, is very classy and always keeping up with the latest trends in the human world. Not because he necessarily wants to partake in them, but mainly to laugh about how "silly and fleeting" human trends tend to be. All his life, Donovan has known luxury, making him an incredibly spoiled and bougie kinda guy. Donovan hates hyper traditional vampires who go on and on about the supremacy of the vampire race (much like his mother) and doesn't mind toying around with humans to pass the time and keep him entertained. He keeps a cellphone on him only to browse social media sites to see what's going on in the human world and when the next Daybreak Rave is. When he's not doing any of that, he likes to paint to wind down. He is very talented!