Full Name: Countess Elvira Sange
Age: 4500+ years old
Gender: Cis Woman (she/her)
Race: Black Vampire
Sexuality: Bi
Height: Short(ish)
Generation: II/Classic Vampire
Bio: A 2nd gen Vampire who is very proud of who she is and what she accomplished during her youth, during the height/climax of the ongoing conflict between humans and vampires many centuries ago. Born to a generation of vampires who lived in fear of the human race, she grew up wanting better for herself and her people. Due to her mercilessness, quick wits, and raw strength she was able to hoard enough riches to last her several lifetimes. She now lives in a castle in the woody mountains with her two adult children, Donovan and Dorin, who she loves dearly, but constantly gets on her nerves. Even though Lilith is her niece, sometimes it seems like she favors her over her own kids! Most likely due to the fact that Lilith has earned her cape (earned when a vampire drinks the blood of at least 50 humans). Donovan and Dorin have barely even started, despite being only a couple hundred years younger than Lilith. Many other vampires consider the Countess to be a narcissist, but she simply replies with, "At least I have the right to be one."