Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting

♡September 25th, 2022♡ 10:50 pm 😤

MAN...I can't believe that September is almmost over! I for real feel like it just started and October starts on Friday...oh well! That just means that Spooky season is in full effect now! This weekend, I spent a lot of my time playing Splatoon because there was a Splatfest going on! It was super fun, but unfortunately my team (team Grub) did NOT win. BUT, THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT TIME...anyways, today I decided to get Korean BBQ with my cousin to celebrate getting my job!! Though...I can't help but feel like I wasted my money because she didn't really eat that time, I'll just take her to McDonald's or something LMAO. I do feel a little bad because I didn't spend as much time drawing this weekend as I wanted to, but that's only because Splatfest was going on this time around, so next weekend I will definitely draw to my heart's content!! Anywho, ya boy gotta get ready for work in the morning, so off to sleep like a responsible adult I go. Have a wonderful night!
- Ike

♡September 22nd, 2022♡ 10:57 pm 😊

Good evening everyone! Here to update you all on how my new job is going so far, and it's going pretty well!! I feel like I settled into the environment of the workplace very nicely! The days are long and it can get pretty boring sometimes, but I'm making money in a stress free environment, so I'm not complaining at all (driving to and from work is probably the most stressful part of the day ngl lol). On top of that, work is really helping my wane off of social media, which I'm pretty happy about too. I only have so many hours in the day after work, so I much rather spend it drawing and getting some art done or writing for my MILF game than mindlessly scrolling through some app to keep me preoccupied. Anyways, my managers have been praising me a lot even though it's only been my first real day of work lmaooo. I have a good feeling I'm gonna be staying here for a while and hopefully move up and get better pay while I'm at it. I have a lot of planning for my future to do now, so I hope you guys will be looking forward to it as much as I am!!! Gonna draw a little bit more before heading off to bed. Have a blessed night.
- Ike

♡September 20th, 2022♡ 10:39 pm 🥳

WELL. MY JOB HUNTING IS FINALLY OVER!! :D I had a job interview yesterday and was confirmed for the position today!!! Things have certainly turned around for me quickly, I'm super excited to start my new working career. All the people I interacted with yesterday were all super nice and the environment seemed surper chill and that's something I really look for in a working environment. Not to mention that there is a lot of room for moving up and things like that since it is a pretty small business, so I am just so so grateful to finally have gotten my foor in the door. I was really sad and depressed for the past few days, but I think things are starting to look up for this little lesbian. I am promising myself now that I will NEVER be unemployed ever again!! Like I said, tomorrow is my first day on the job (if training counts lol) so wish me a ton of luck!
- Ike

♡September 18th, 2022♡ 10:25 pm 😟

I'm not even gonna hold yall...I've been going THRU it lately. I wanna say this is just regular depression (which still sucks)...but it's a lot of existential stuff going on. Like. Just wondering what I'm doing here...I don't feel like I belong ANYWHERE. I ALWAYS feel out of place. I've been telling myself that things are going to get better for like. 4 years straight, and things are almost the exact same as then and like...people always say things like, "Be patient. Your time is coming." OK, BUT WHEN IS THAT?! WHEN I'M 50?!?!? I CAN'T WAIT FOREVER, I'M ALREADY 25 LIKE. Man...I just feel like such a failure...and I don't know if this feeling is gonna go away until after I move out, but who knows when that will be and if I won't feel that way afterwards. Anyways, I have an interview to get ready for tomorrow, so hopefully this will actually fucking go somewhere, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up lol. Ughhghgh...I hate being a pessimist, but with the way this job search has been going, I'm just trying to be a little more realistic I guess.
- Ike

♡September 14th, 2022♡ 11:42 pm 😳

OK...this time, I think my job search might be over for real!! Someone got in contact with me today, had me fill out another application, fill out some documents and send it to them. It's weird though, because they did say that they wanted to schedule an interview with me for tomorrow, and said that they were looking for an available time for me, but never got back to me??? I'm just hoping they reach out to me in the morning, because then that would mean I filled out all those tax forms for NO reason (and they were annoying as all hell to deal with and fill out.) ASIDE from that, I have started setting up my index page for Halloween!! I really like how it's coming along so far, so I can't wait to show you all when October starts! I'm also still thinking about doing that Bee & Puppycat review and I think I'm actually gonna do it, so be on the look out for that! Well. That's all for me today. Have a good night everyone!
- Ike

♡September 12th, 2022♡ 11:34 pm 🙄

Yall...this has been a wild past few days for sure...tell me how I had THREE (3) interviews lined up last week...and one of them was super short (to a suspicious extent) and the other ones were just LITERAL MLM SCAMS. I was so depressed about it (because I was so sure that I was going to be employed by the end of the week) I went to the park and got some Korean BBQ in an attempt to cheer myself up...It helped a little. And after just spending the weekend to myself, just thinking, I continue my job search! Just SUCKS because I really thought it was going to be over, but what can you do. I've learned the type of language those people who work for those pyramid schemes like to use, so I won't be falling for that nonsense again!! OH! And also, I've been spending the last few days playing Splatoon 3 as well, so that's been fun! A little frustrating but fun! Anyways, I think I'm gonna go pass out now, because I've been awake for almost 24 hours...since like. 5 in the morning because I had some crazy tummy troubles, but I'm better now (I think)! 😁
- Ike

♡September 8th, 2022♡ 9:53 pm 🥴

Yall. Where do I even BEGIN to start with what was happening today. First, I had an interview that turned out to be some MLM scheme (I'm pretty sure), got ANOTHER interview scheduled for tomorrow morning (hopefully this is the one so I can FINALLY stop job searching), the QUEEN of ENGLAND FUCKING DIES, AND I MIGHT HAVE TO CLOSE MY PATREON BECAUSE they decided it would be a good idea to fire their entire security team! At once! Urgh...oof...I think I'm too tiredt to make a proper journal entry tonite, but I felt like I just COULDN'T leave it blank. There was just so much going on! Probably after my interview tomorrow then I will head to the mall and pick up Splatoon 3 as a little treat for myself...but yeah! I will talk more about the Patreon stuff later...I feel like my first priority right now is not making any rash decisions and figuring out what tf to do and what my next steps should be. I'm going THROUGH IT, please pray for me!!!
- Ike

♡September 6th, 2022♡ 10:09 pm 😤

I'm SO annoyed at myself. I really thought my hair appointment was today but it's really a week from today so I went out for nothing...well. At least I was able to fill up on gas for my car when I was out but still LOL. I really just spent most of today watching Bee & Puppycat on Netflix and...doing nothing really! I'm gonna try to write before I go to bed tonite, but no promises really...I didn't draw today because I FINALLY finished all the updated vampire references, INCLUDING new characters, so I'm a little pooped from drawing right now. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be more motivated to draw, but it's good to take time to rest to avoid burnout (and hating art lol)! How was Bee & Puppycat? Uhmm...idk. I might write a little review on it at a later date lol. I just know I don't care to talk about it here, but I do have thoughts on it! Not a lot, but still...anyways! My first job interview is tomorrow and I'm...honestly I'm not SUPER nervous. I think I'll ace this interview...AND the one on Thursday! I'm just so ready to start working full time so I can save up to move out already like. SERIOUSLY. Ready to get things moving already! Anyways, I got to get my beauty sleep in for tomorrow and do other stuff, so wish me luck!!!
- Ike

♡September 1st, 2022♡ 11:32 pm 😊

Happy September everyone! This month is already off to a great start for me because I have a job interview next week! And not only that, but it's for a remote job that's 9 to 5. It is LITERALLY perfect so I'm really really hoping to get this job, so wish me luck!! On another note, I didn't pick a new font for this month because...well...I forgot lol! So I think I'm just gonna keep this regular font for right now...The other font was cute...but it was kinda hard to read and got ugly when I would type in caps. So, maybe I will pick out something fun and spooky for October, we'll see lel. Anyways, I've spent a lot of the past few days trying to develop this new art style based off of 70s cartoons and aesthetics. It's really fun!!!! I almost forgot about how fun it is to experiment with art and just draw for yourself. Seriously, running a Patreon and drawing for money can be SO draining. I almost want to take a break from it, but I don't know if I can right now...I don't know. We're just gonna have to wait and see on that one. ANYWAYS, hopefully the more I work on the style, the much more authentic it will look compared to actual 70s art! Anyways, that's just my anemoia flaring up again (I've been watching a lot of 70s television lately, can you tell?). I hope everyone is having a great month so far as well!
- Ike

♡September To-Do List♡


♡ Implement Comment boxes on all OC pages
♡ Complete MILF/GILF Shrine
♡ Work on Customizing Scrollbars<
♡ Replace all the pages w/ dead/broken cursors
♡ Make Halloween Themed homepage
♡ Make fanart page
♡ Get new visitor counter for the homepage


♡ Complete Madeline's Route
♡ Complete Rachelle's Route
♡ Start working on backgrounds


♡ Complete Commissions
♡ Start working on art for October/Halloween


♡ Get braids done
♡ Do job interviews
♡ Secure job