♡May 30th, 2022♡ 11:43 pm

Long ass day today...I been graduated a couple of days ago and then I went up to my college town to clean up the remainder of my stuff from the place I stayed in for college. It was hot, muggy, and I was sweating like a bitch in heat but the WORST part has to be the fact that I have to drive all the way BACK UP there tomorrow because for some reson my landlady didn't hear us ringing the doorbell??? So we assumed that she was asleep and left????? She said she has a present for me and that's nice and all but I'm just so annoyed that I haven't really gotten a day to relax since like. Graduation day (it feels a bit longer than that ngl) and now I have to drive 40 minutes to and then back again. I would just LIKE TO BE LEFT ALONE AND SPEND A WHOLE DAY DOING FUCKING NOTHING!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♡May 26th, 2022♡ 9:42 pm

Just coming on here real quick before I have to get ready for bed! Tomorrow is graduation day and I'm so ready to get this over with. The ceremony is gonna be long af...so I hope I don't have to pee in the middle of the ceremony lmaoo...my parents are super stoked though, lol. Either way, I'm proud of myself for FINALLY being done with school and moving on with my life. After this, I will be focusing on going on vacation with my besties in Georgia, so I'm super excited for that too. Just really excited for the summer time in general and what the Fall time will bring this time around! Next time you guys hear from me, I will OFFICIALLY be a college graduate! (o^▽^o)

♡May 25th, 2022♡ 11:55 pm

MAN...that Panda express had me fighting for my LIFE on the toilet. Lmao anyways, tomorrow I go back to my college town to get ready for graduation day. We have to be at the stadium by 7:30 am and NOT ONLY THAT, but it's gonna be raining too. GOD...the more I learn about graduation, the less I wanna go, but I hope that the rain will at least hold off until after the ceremony is over but we will see. I just want the day to be enjoyable and have a good time celebrating me, myself, and my accomplishments. And then after that, I can focus on getting ready for my trip to go see my friends down south. Super excited for this summer, so that I can just relax, unwind, continue improving myself. Anyways, I'm starting to get sleepy so, I think I will go ahead and head to bed.
(P.S. I finished writing up my Internet Manifesto, did you get the chance to read it? I think it came out pretty good :])

♡May 23rd, 2022♡ 10:59 pm

GRAHHH!!!!!!!! (that's me attacking my laptop like a rabid animal)

♡May 20th, 2022♡ 11:18 pm

FINALLY FINISHED W/ ALL MY FINALS!! OFFICIALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok time to go pack lmaooo.

♡May 16th, 2022♡ 11:18 pm

Very exciting news!!! Today was the first day that I was able to access the Gemini protocol!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Or as I call it, the Gemininet lol. It's pretty cool! Apparently it's just like Web 1.0 and very text/document based. Even though it's not at all what I'm used to, I love it. There's something strangely exciting about stumbling upon a Cyberspace that has not been tainted by the perverse hands of capitalism. Which is basically what my manifesto is about! So far I've come across a lot of personal blogs, social networks (they're kinda more like open forums), and a search engine. I can't wait to do more exploring on there. I'm a little intimidated about making my own webpage on the yesterweb site, since the coding is completely different, but if I can learn HTML, I'm pretty sure I can learn how that works too! Also I tweaked my home page just a little bit more today. Thanks to the generosity of the folks in the Yesterweb discord, I was able to solve my coding issues relatively quickly. I'm learning more everyday! I haven't been this excited about being online in a LONG time, so...well I WAS gonna say "please excuse how annoying I'm being right now", but also this is my website and I can do whatever I want LMAO. Anyways, next I wanna get started on that Blogging hub page I was talking about before...hopefully I can leave my homepage alone for a little bit and focus on that lmao. Overall, pretty cool, fun, and excited stuff! I will definitely keep you guys updated. :]

♡May 15th, 2022♡ 11:19 am

MAN...the day I had on Twitter just really solidified the reason why I need to stop hanging around on social media. Too many brain rotted weirdos on there. (¬_¬;) Anyways! Today was a pretty chill day besides that. I spent most of today trying to get art done and studying for finals. I also spent today reading up on more manifestos too! This Yesterweb movement resonates with me so well, I'm surprised I'm just discovering something like this! I'm very excited to make new friends and learn a lot from this community. (´。• ω •。`) ♡ I've also been reading on ways to create a healthier relationship with the internet and decrease my time on social media significantly...if that makes sense. Also, tonite is the blood moon in Scorpio so I'm gonna be doing a ritual tonite! Lately, I've been having a lot of intrusive thoughts and self doubt, so hopefully I'll be able to address and heal these feelings I've been experiencing without projecting those insecurities onto anyone else. (#><) The astrology sure is astrology-ing! Speaking of which, I was also thinking of making an astrology page, but that would have to come later after I code and add the things I've been wanting to for a while to improve the site. I've already made some approvements here and there, but there is still much work to be done! Tbh, I don't think that this site would ever be fully complete...but that's ok. Personal sites don't need to necessarily be professional or polished. Anyways! Back to studying! __φ(..)

♡May 14th, 2022♡ 12:22 am

It's been a very successful few days of coding!! (o^▽^o) I've managed to update my home page a lot and I'm really happy with the way it's looking! A part of me wants to update my about page as well...also adding a hub page for blogging so that I don't have to keep changing the links for the buttons everytime we reach a new month. Anyways, lately, I've been reading up on the "Internet Manifesto". For those who don't know, it's pretty much a movement to liberate the internet from corporate webmasters and I am all here for it! (o´ω`o)ノ I don't think I have noticed until recenly just how corporate the internet is these days. It's so depressing. BUT! It's one of the reasons why I got into coding and website building in the first place, and I've been able to find so many different cool websites filled with personality and charm...I wish the internet was more like that again instead of the unbearableness of social media. Here, numbers aren't even a thought in my head. Anyways, I think I will write my own manifesto up since I have more free time and contribute to that one website I came across...if I remember what it's called I'll link it later. I think we should all do our part to de-capitalize the internet!

♡May 11th, 2022♡ 11:21 am

Man...I'm so close to being done w/ school I think I can finally jump back into coding my pages. The only reason why I decided to take a break from working on this for so long was because I would get SO ABSORBED in working on my site that before I knew it the day would be over. ☆o(><;)○ Anyways, I've been looking for music widgets that's shares what I'm listening to atm, but I've been pretty unlucky so far...anyways. While I'm working on that I can either get start on my resources page or my affiliates page...I know that stuff is kinda corny, esp in 2022, but who cares. I think they're cute so I might just put them on either the home page or my about page...maybe my home page? I wish my home page looked busier ngl. WELL. Just thinking right now! It feels great to finally have free time to get back into building my own personal website. As always, social media grows more unbearable by the day, but what else is new. (¬_¬;) I want to work on some non character pages first so that I can back into the groove of coding again! Anyways, have to get ready for class in the morning. ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙

♡May 6th, 2022♡ 11:33 am

HEYYY...long time no see lol. When I say that this April was the most stressful month of my entire life so far, I'm not fucking joking. There was one week in April where I just cried for a whole week straight, it was so horrible. (つω`。) BUT! I am feeling much better now. (o^ ^o) I really want to get back into investing into this website and I am so close to the end of school, I'm really trying to just finish up my last few assignments so that they can just be out of the way and be done with school already. I can not WAIT to graduate and finally be free. Anyways, enough of that and back to thinking about website updates. First, I'm thinking of trying to find someway to incorporate an "Ike is currenly listening to [blank]" feature. I think it would be a really cute and cool feature! I would probably add it to my about me page...or maybe the home page? We'll see, I'm working on it! I was also thinking about making a page that alerts anyone who checks if I got an available adopt or open commissions or something...not to mention all the character pages, worlds, and universes I have to do, but that will all come in time. And I definitely need a web resources page too to credit all the web resources I'm using for this site, just in case anyone who wants to build their own site comes across this page too! I was talked w/ oomf on twit a little bit today about how internet is so corporate these days, it's very gross! I think the only way we can combat that is if we build communities around building personal websites and sharing tips and such with one another. Anyways, just thinking. Hope to be a lot more active on here from now on!! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚