♡July 31st, 2022♡ 10:03pm

WELL. It's the end of July and my family vacation is officially over. This vacation, overall, was SUPER boring. I've officially gave it a 5 out of 10. Wasn't the worst vacation ever, but it definitely could have been a lot more fun and we could have done a lot more things too. Honestly, at this point, I am just ready to go home and go back to my ordinary routine and regular degular life. Regardless, I will try to be grateful that I got to go on vacation in the first place and spend it with people who wanted to spend time with me...But now it's the end of July and August begins. Looking back over the entries for this month...well. I feel like I haven't really made much progress in the past month. ☆o(><;)○ Which does kinda suck, but also it was the middle of summer and I was pretty much in vacation mode the whole time. I feel like now that August is beginning, things will start to wind down as we begin to move into fall and there will be a lot more movement in where I want to be in life...AT LEAST I HOPE...I'll manifest it LOL. SOMETHING NEW I plan to implement for blog enteries starting next month are a brand new font AND a to do list (stealing this idea from one of my friends lel)! I like trying out new fonts and I feel like implementing something like a to do list will make it much easier for me to keep track of my progress and goals. Both irl and for the site. WELL...that's pretty much all. Goodbye July. ( ´ ▽ ` )/ You have served me well as always, but now it's time for the summer to start setting. AND NOW...ONLY 17 MORE DAYS UNTIL I GET TO SEE LOONA IN CONCERT!!!!!!! (Yes, I'm going to get more annoying about this as we get closer and closer to the concert date I have been waiting literal YEARS for this. YEARS!!!!!!!!!!)Anyways, gotta get up early, so gonna try and head to bed soon. Night.

♡July 30th, 2022♡ 9:39pm

omfg, Had SUCH a long day today. My mom and auntie dragged me and my cousin to a bunch of different stores before FINALLY taking me to the boardwalk that I had wanted to go to for a while now. IT WAS...CROWDED. REAL CROWDED. A lot more crowded than I was expecting lol (even though it's a Saturday, but still lmfao). I'M STILL PARANOID WITH ALL THESE VIRUSES AND DISEASES GOING AROUND...but I'm vaccinated and I very rarely get sick so...praying things will be fine. 2+ years into the pandemic and I have not COVID once! I'm God's favorite I believe. I had my mask too, so I think I should be fine. Anyways, all my cousin did was eat on the boardwalk. We might head back there tomorrow but we'll see. WE ALSO PLAN ON GO KART RACING. I hope we do, but I'm a little afraid of it being a make or break. So far, like I said, it's just been pretty mid lol. Nothing special, but also not the worst trip I've been on that's for sure. Also, I have a HUGE headache, but I pretty much inflicted on myself. WELL, it's a combo of being out all day and reading some stupid shit on a carrd. I won't go into too much detail, but all I will say is that I wish people will stop using certain labels just because it sounds cool lol. Words mean things. ANYWHO. I'm watching a bunch of LOONA videos with my cousin right now to help prepare for the LOONA CONCERT!!!! SO EXCITED. ONLY 18 MORE DAYS UNTIL I SEE LOONA LIVE GYHEHEHEHEHEHEEE

♡July 28th, 2022♡ 10:49pm

OK...VACATION GOING A LITTLE BETTER NOW I THINK. I'm enjoying it a little more. I'm pretty happy because we went to the beach yesterday and I've been trying all sorts of new foods. We went shopping out an outlet today too and I got a lot of cute new clothes! They're very retro 70's type stuff and I'm really glad I snagged them from clearance lol. It's been pretty alright, nothing special. ANYWAYS, other than that, I'm happy I've been able to get SOME art done...even though I really want to keep working on stuff for my game and sketch out more Red & Teresa pages...I'm still very much in that vacation mode...so I've just been drawing whatever at a leisurely pace...which is much better than the way I usually draw. I just need to learn how to relax and just rest at least for a little bit. IT WOULDN'T BE A VACATION IF I WAS STILL WORKING...Been also been getting a lot more stuff for my site done lately and I'm really happy about it! Been thinking about making "articles" hub lately, because I want to make more misc articles/thinkpieces like my manifesto...I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my head and I don't think the section where I blog is really the place to do it! ☆o(><;)○ Idk, I'll think about it. It would be much better than putting my thoughts out on Twitter LOL. Anywho, if you excuse me, I have sexy old ladies to draw. Nighty nite.

♡July 26th, 2022♡ 11:07 pm

Good evening yall ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙ I've only been out on vacation for almost two days now and it's going...NOT THAT GREAT NGL. We arrived yesterday and not only did we ALMOST get into a car crash on the way here, but also the it turns out the "hotel" my mom booked only really had one bed when 5 of us came on this trip (why she booked a room in some random/obscure place instead of the Holiday Inn or Hilton, I will never understand) AND we got caught out in this giant thunderstorm that seemingly appeared out of NOWHERE. (¬_¬;) I got a seafood burrito. Tbh, it was one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten and it was definitely the highlight of my day. (o・ω・o) TODAY WASN'T REALLY EVENTFUL EITHER...we stayed in most of the day because it rained and poured a majority of the day. And when it finally stopped, my cousin and I decided to walk around a little bit and to see the kind of places that were in the area. None of the places we went to were all that great though, so it was pretty disappointing. ☆o(><;)○ We're out here for like. A week. So, there's still time for the trip to improve, but right now, it's not looking so great. Especially with all the rain in the forecast...LOL, BUT I'll try to be optimisitc about it. Oh, btw, side note. I won't go into too much detail, but I'm pretty proud of myself right now ngl. OK SO, yesterday my best friend had said something that hurt my feelings...NOT ON PURPOSE OFC, but my feelings were still really hurt. In this scenerio in the past, I would usually just start distancing myself/build resentment toward someone for hurting me, without even telling them or letting them understand why what they said had hurt my feelings, and by the time the core of the tension is addressed, it feels silly to bring up because at that point it could be days, weeks, even MONTHS ago (or the friendship would just dissolve altogether without anything being resolved). But, instead I just pretty much told them what they said was hurtful and he apologized. GOD HAS IT REALLY ALWAYS BEEN THAT EASY...I can only imagine all the friendships that could've lasted the past few years if I had just done that...moral of the story? COMMUNICATE! Especially with people you know who love and care about you. Good night! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

♡July 24th, 2022♡ 10:42 pm

Well. Tomorrow I go on my family vacation AND...not gonna lie, not as excited as I was before and that's for two reasons. FIRST, of course my mother pissed me off right before the trip so now I'm not happy having to be in the same room as her all the time for the next 7 whole days and TWO, no one even knows what they want to do??? LIKE, I ask everyone who's going "What do you want to do/Where do you wanna go?" and they be like "I dont know." THEN??? WHAT ARE WE DOING?? LMAO? Anyways. Other than that, I got more pages and characters for the site done, so I'm pretty happy about that...UNFORTUNATELY, I had to take off my playlist on the homepage, because it kept fucking up one of the webrings I'm apart of, so now you guys will only be hearing the instrumental version of Super Sonic Racing on there. SORRY FOR ANYONE WHO LIKED ANY OF THE OTHER MUSIC :[....Anywhoo, let's hope that the hotel we're staying at has nice WiFi so that I'll still be able to access the internet on my computer while I'm away. Well, I'm gotta hop off now. Trying to get some more art done before I'm stuck with my family for the week. Feeling pretty drained, but HOPEFULLY I can get a decent amount of work done before I eventually pass out!

♡July 21st, 2022♡ 10:58 pm

I seriously never know how to start off these journal entries lol. I spent MOST of today working on art for my dating sim game so, I'm pretty happy about that but now I'm just tired tbh. I WANNA WORK MORE ON RED AND TERESA...I have a lot more pages I need to sketch out, but between writing and drawing for my game, while drawing owed art on top of that and other things...I feel like Red and Teresa might have to take the back seat for a little bit...which REALLY SUCKS, but I'm not trying to burn myself either...either way, I know I will figure it out and be able to make time for all my projects I want to work on. It just sucks how impulsively I work on stuff, but that's just how my brain works for the most part! Either way, I'll just keep doing my best...FOR LESBIANISM!! Ok, gonna try and work on more art now. Good night!

♡July 19th, 2022♡ 11:18 pm

URGH...I feel like I haven't been getting that much art done lately. ☆o(><;)○ I've been doing so much writing for my game, I've been neglecting art a little bit...I'm going to try and get a lot of art done tonite! Other than that, I hope is everyone is having a nice evening. I've FINALLY started adding new pages to my site again and uploading more art, so hopefully I can keep that up...I have a LOT of art to upload, so please bear with me! I've ALSO found why Neocities never let me post a damn message, but it was really my own fault...but anyways! It feels good that I was finally able to unlock more features for the site! Anyways, I have a long night ahead of me and more coding to do in the morning so I'm going to hop off. Good night to all reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )/

♡July 16th, 2022♡ 10:15 pm

Good evening everyone! It's been a little bit since my last entry, but I hope everyone is doing well! ( ´ ▽ ` )/ I have been doing so much work for my dating simulator game lately, I don't really work on much else these days...but I'm going to try to give myself more breaks from that and give myself more time to work on other things too...I have other responsibilites!! ☆o(><;)○ Unfortunately, I just tend to hyperfixate on things...anyway, I can't believe July is almost halfway over already?? It feels like the month just started...It seriously feels like summer is flying by, but now that I'm done with school, I have a new found appreciation for fall. Fall is a pretty lovely season...I still like summer and spring more, but there is just something so cozy about the fall time that I love. (´,,•ω•,,)♡ This is probably the first time in my life I'm not dreading the arrival of fall, in fact, I welcome it! I'm ready to see what new opportunities await me during the end of the year. Anyways, back to writing and drawing. I hope everyone reading has a pleasant evening. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧ (What was the last entry about? Don't mind that...)

♡July 10th, 2022♡ 9:35 pm

I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. I AM SO FUCKING MAD RIGHT NOW. But know this. I can't wait to move out. And I WILL be moving out SOON.

♡July 6th, 2022♡ 11:50 pm

Urgh...I think I'm starting to develop a serious fast food addiction. Everytime I go out I can't go home without grabbing a bite to eat or something...even right now while trying to get some work done, I stop thinking about getting a chicken sandwich from McDonalds or Popeyes... with fresh fries and a tall, cold soda too.AH GOD. Fuck, maybe in the morning I'll run out real quick...just something to scratch the itch. Take good care of your bodies everyone, we won't be young forever...

♡July 3rd, 2022♡ 11:14 pm

A whole weekend of streaming FINALLY DONE. I hope everyone is doing well tonite, I went a really long walk around the lake at the park...a really....long walk. If I had know that it was going to be almost a two mile walk around the park, I would've prepared more appropriately...oh well. Live and learn. It was still pretty fun regardless. I saw geese, berries, deer...nature stuff! Afterwards I engaged in my favorite pass time; eating fast food in the parking lot. And while I was sitting in the car, I was just thinking about how I really want to get out and explore a lot more this summer...I mean...I can finally drive myself wherever and whenever I want and I have some sort of income. I think I would feel less bored and depressed if I went out more often and explored my community around me. Like for example! I think I will go to Starbucks on Tuesday, buy myself a little coffee and snack, and work on some MILF Mania stuff (maybe even apply for some jobs too while I'm at it...). Going to Starbucks and drinking coffee is pretty rare for me, but I think that a change of both pace and environment could do wonders for me. But yeah! Kinda rambling atp, but just anything to get out of this suffocating house. I would have gone tomorrow if not for the fact that my auntie is having a little cookout at her place, but it's nbd. Either way I just hope the Starbucks isn't too crowded whenever I decide to go...anyways. I'm off to work a little more before bed. Take it easy everybody!

♡July 1st, 2022♡ 10:38 pm

PHEW! Just got done streaming so, I'll try to make this quick. Happy July everyone! Today was pretty productive for me in the sense that I was able to apply for a lot of jobs, get a lot of art done, and uh...yeah that's pretty much it! I still have a lot of other art to finish, but that will all be done in due time...my art can't be it's best if I'm burned out! I also discovered some new and obscure social media sites which was pretty cool but that's really it. I hope I can make some new friends on there! Anyways...I'm tired af right now and don't have much else to talk about so see ya! Good night! Here's to the brand new month!