Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting

♡January 31st, 2023♡ 11:41 pm 😣

Time flies for REAL. I can't believe it's the end of January already...personally, not much happened for me I don't think. Especially not at WORK. I'm gonna be honest when I say that I've been casually looking at other jobs that are actually in the field that I want to persue...not that I hate my current job or anything, but things have been SO stagnant lately. And it's especially been apparent since it's been slow at work these days. I really want a job that's not so repetitive and pays a little better...AT LEAST! It's just hard because, I've been at my current job since the end of September and I've gotten to know my coworkers and managers and I was really excited for the new opportunities that were going to come my way, just to end up feeling stuck. I want to be challenged at work and do different things. Guhhh...trying not to feel like I'm in a rut currently, but that's kinda what the 2nd half of January has felt like for me. I gotta be at least a little selfish and just do what is Best for me...I can't wait on others forever. I'm feeling a little down tonite, but tbh I'm prob just pmsing lmao. Despite it all, I'm still pushing hard to take good care of myself everyday and up keep healthy habits as best as I can. So! That's where I'm at right now lol. Hoping that February brings good fortune and new opportunities with it!
- Ike

♡January 22nd, 2023♡ 11:15 pm 😤

Hiiii. It's been a little bit, but I'm here now! I hope you're having a good year so far. I've just been so busy with work, working on my game, and studying! Yes, I've decided to start taking some courses related to my's kinda boring, but it's not so bad. I'm learning a lot! And it can help me do better in my career and offer better opportunities for me in the near future! I've been thinking so much about promotion, possibly changing jobs, and moving...ghuughh. It's all a little overwhelming for me not gonna lie. But, all I can do is do my best and keep it pushing. If I don't give up, things are bound to fall into place and work out right?! I will keep doing my best no matter how hard it gets. That's my energy for this year! I've start incorporating more routines and healthy habits into my life lately (like taking my daily vitamins and eating fruit everyday)! I've been watching a lot of vlogs lately of those cutesy Pinterest girls and office workers. I don't know what it is, but seeing how well they take care of theirselves, do their best everyday, and remain grateful no matter what was pretty inspiring to me. Thankfully, that kind of energy is contagious! I want to live a happy and simple life too, so I'm working towards that now. Let's continue to try our best everyday and become the best version of ourselves!
- Ike

♡January 7th, 2023♡ 10:46 pm 🤔

Good evening!! We're already through the first week in 2023! I hope 2023 has been kind to you so far. It's been pretty interesting for me so far to say the least. I had my very first personal psychic reading...! How did that go? WELL. It's a secret LOL, but I feel like I gained pretty good insight on what I need to do next if that makes sense. I know a lot of people are skeptical with these type of things (and for good rerason too), but it's fun for me, so whatever I enjoyed it. Also, something I wanted to address real quick. I know I've been MIA from my site for a bit, due to working full time and having other obligations, so I saw this comment kinda late. BUT BASICALLY, someone commented on my guestbook on Christmas eve about how they USED to like my site, but now they...don't because I said to get a computer or something along those lines (I'm assuming they're referring to my internet manifesto)? Now, I don't really have the time lately to go back and read the whole thing (not to mention, I wrote that MONTHS ago, when I first discovered the small web, so it's pretty outdated now.)...but if I remember correctly, I don't believe I ever said that "everyone should get/have a computer". I was referring to the fact that MOST personal websites are designed for desktop and not to be viewed on phones if you want to experience the site fully? Everyone and their momma has buttons on their site says that their website is best viewed on desktop so, I didn't know I had to put a disclaimer that if you can't afford or use a computer then to not get one? I don't really get the point of leaving a comment like that with no intention of discussing or talking about what I had said, but my contact info can be found here if you ever wanna reach out to me directly with these concerns. Hell, here's my email:! I'd much rather have others come to me directly with concerns that way than make assumptions based off a sentence or two I wrote out of my entire huge (and still slowly expanding) website and leave no room to explain myself or to have a conversation if I said something that may have been wrong, alienating, or offensive. Plus, I really do like talking to new people! Anyways, let's not leave tonite's entry off on a strange note! I finished even more concept art for my game so I'm really happy about that! Me and my team have been making a lot of progress lately and I can't wait to share the final project with everyone. I'm aiming to drop the game (or at least a playable demo) this year, so fingers crossed!
- Ike

♡January 1st, 2023♡ 11:58 pm 🥳

Happy New Year!!!!!!! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday, let's get ready for a happy new year! I can't believe it's 2023 already...before we know it, it'll be 2024!! Which is kinda scary to think about, so let's not do that. I won't list and go through all of my resolutions I've set for myself of course, but one of them is seriously working on my website more! Work and passion projects have been really eating up a lot of my time lately (getting better @ time management is another one of the things I want to get better at.), so I haven't really the time. It SUCKS, because I really do love the community on Neocities, but that is life I suppose. All I can do is try my best and make the time. I think things will be easier once I decide how I'm going to divide up the things I want to do on here...maybe even scrap some ideas because my website is already pretty Huge. Focus on one thing per weekend, maybe? But anyways! I can't believe I only did three entries last month lol. I mean, I'm glad I wrote at all (November lol), but I really wanted to make a post on the 31st to reflect on the year, but I got so excited counting down until the new year that...I totally forgot! Oh well, there is always next year. BESIDES! If you really want to review the past my earlier journal entries! Anyways, I'm gonna go ahead and hop off, I got work in the morning. I really want to invite more positivity into my life this negativity!!!! Have a wonderful new year!
- Ike

♡January To-Do List♡


♡ Implement Comment boxes on all OC pages
♡ Complete MILF/GILF Shrine
♡ Work on Customizing Scrollbars
♡ Replace all the pages w/ dead/broken cursors
♡ Add more art to the Fanart page


♡ Start working on backgrounds
♡ Start working on outline for Angela's route


♡ Complete Commissions


♡ Get that Paper