Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting

♡December 23rd, 2022♡ 10:34 pm 🥶

Merry Christmas eve eve!! That's a joke I always did as a kid lol, but anyways Happy Holidays. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday vacation and life has been treating you well! I'm an adult working fulltime, so I don't get winter break anymore T_T. BUT, I am grateful that I at least get this Friday and next Friday off to relax a little, so it's much better than nothing, that's for sure. Hopefully I can spend those free days turning my attention back to my site a little bit. I've been negelcting it SO BAD, but I just have so much going on right now, I can't really say that it's a priority...In other news, regards to my MILF dating game, I've FINALLY finished writing the first three routes!! All I have to do is go back and edit them and then I can go ahead and get started on backgrounds and the GUI and all that other complex stuff lol. I will get started on the outline for the other routes as well. I REALLY HOPE I can get the game done by next year, but if not, I'm not gonna kill myself over it. Plus, my best friends are helping me create it and I know they're super busy with what they got going on in their own lives as well, so I don't wanna put any stress on them either. We'll just have to see where this goes. In other news, I got (most of) my holiday shopping done in a timely manner. This was really my first year holiday shopping like that (venturing through the mall and all) because I actually have money now and people in my life that I really care about, but can I just say...Holiday shopping really sucks ASS. My back was hurting, my feet were hurting, my arms were was literal HELL. I'm just glad it's over now. Next year, I will DEFINITELY be ordering things online instead, that's for sure. Anyways, I'm gonna hop off now! I wanna do a test stream with my new iPad (my old one was starting to die so I didn't really have much of a choice...)and I don't want to stream TOO late (I've changed my mind I'm too tired now LMAO). But if I don't have any viewers I won't stress over that either lol. It's VERY chilly outside for my American friends(literally 9 degrees outside as I'm typing this.) so please be sure to stay warm and safe!!!
- Ike

♡December 7th, 2022♡ 11:38 pm 😴

These days after work I just feel so EXHAUSTED. I don't know what it is, but I don't feel like talking to anyone, I can barely bring myself to draw or write, I just want to come home and sleep lol. And it really sucks, because I really do look forward to my off time so I'm able to do the things I enjoy, even if it's only for a little bit, but yeah. At this point, I just get in my own way it feels like? I'm not really sure how to describe it. I have a good amount of time after work to get things done and I just...don't. I'M SO TIRED. I really thought I would have gotten used to my new lifestyle by now, but it's taking more time for me to adjust than I thought...I'm complaining a lot today lol, but it is pretty frustrating for me since I got other projects going on and most of my time is spent in a cubicle these days. This is just adulthood I guess. This might have to do with the upcoming theme for next year...but eh. I'll talk about that in another journal entry. For now, I prepare for bed!
- Ike

♡December 1st, 2022♡ 11:51 pm 🥶

Heyyy yall. Long time no see! Sorry I went MIA for a while, life has gotten crazy HECTIC since the last time I made my entry in October. Well, first off, I got into my very first car accident!! So that was fun lmao. You hear about and see car accidents all the time, but you never realize how stressful (and lowkey traumatizing) being in a sitaution like that can be until you're the one in that position. Everyday, I thank the Universe that I was not hurt. The fucker who rear ended me ran away like a little bitch, but I know karmas gonna catch his ass in the end (I mean. The front of his car looked way more fucked up than mine so lmao). LONG STORY SHORT, the insurance gave us some money, we're getting the old car fixed (it is currently in the shop), and I bought myself my very first car!!! :] It's a black Kia Soul, my literal DREAM car. I named her Brandy lol. I'm still getting used to it because of all the fancy new gadgets and technology, but I'm really loving my new car so far. I'm very blessed and thankful to have the car I've wanted since I was literally like. 11 years old LOL. Despite everything I went through last was still WAY better than October that's for sure LMAO. Anyways, my job has going pretty well as well! Doing a lot of training and working hard to make sure I get promoted when I finish my probation period. On top of that, I ALSO hit 1/3rd of my move out goal!!!! Super exciting!!!!!!!!! In a couple months from now, I will be seriously be looking to move out. $XX,000 is the golden number! Despite it all, I've felt REALLY guilty about neglecting my site lately, but between working all day and working on my MILF game (as well as other projects), I've found myself too tired to bring myself to do anything. BUT, it's a new month! New energy! I really want to continue to expand my site and explore myself through this interface...if that makes sense. Anyways, please forgive me if I have trouble keeping up with that promise! Gonna try to make another entry tomorrow! Have a pleasant night.
- Ike

♡December To-Do List♡


♡ Implement Comment boxes on all OC pages
♡ Complete MILF/GILF Shrine
♡ Work on Customizing Scrollbars
♡ Replace all the pages w/ dead/broken cursors
♡ Add more art to the Fanart page


♡ Complete Madeline's Route
Complete Riina's Route
♡ Start working on backgrounds
♡ Start working on outline for Angela's route


♡ Complete Commissions


♡ Get that Paper
♡ Get braids redone