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♡January 31st, 2024♡ 11:36 pm


Ike is listening to..."Feeling Lonely" by boy pablo

Lord, February really starts tomorrow already...kinda glad because this month kind of sucked ass, but also I need to do my taxes nxt month and we all know just how great and fun it is to file taxes. Yippee!!! I'm not going to lie, I kind of really got screwed over this month job-wise because people love to make promises they can't keep, so I've kinda been down in the dumps lately. Mostly just drinking and writing some yuri romance lol, but I do have interviews coming up in the next few weeks, so hopefully I will land something super soon so I can get back to working, so I can properly work on the other things I need to do. I've been feeling a sense of just being overwhelmed that I don't really end up doing much these days...I really need to get back to organizing and using my planner. I will go for like. A week without writing in there I really need to stop doing that. But anwyays, I think that will be all from me today. I hope I will be able to find some strength to work on my site some more this month, but we're going to have to see. I know I'm going to be pretty busy this year so it all really depends. Take it easy.
- Ike/(˃ᆺ˂)\

♡January 21st, 2024♡ 11:01 pm


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OK SO. I ended up not starting my new job this past week lol. But, ONLY because it snowed a shit ton, so I got another week off to be a NEET before I have to get back on that grind. I'm really trying to travel at the end of this year, so I have be serious about making more money than last year. Though, I didn't really end up doing much this week...I just mostly worked on my nautical yuri romance all week lmao. I recently discovered I actually REALLY enjoy world building, so I've just been really sucked into that as of late...I hope to have their character pages up so everyone can take a look at them! I really love their designs and the sailor/marine theme is super fun to work with too! But, yeah tomorrow I actually get back to working. I'm pretty excited. My new boss is super busy, but also really nice, though I might end up picking up another part time job as well pretty soon...but we're gonna have to see! I want to get settled into this one job before dealing with any of that. But, yeah overall in a generally good mood. New beginnings are so exciting, I hope other people are seeing new things come in for them this year. I also got a lot of errands done and saw my mom today, so yeah! Just feels pleasant. I think I'm going to spend the rest of tonite finishing up some art, writing in my planner, working on my story, and then heading to bed for work tomorrow. Let's take it easy.
- Ike/(˃ᆺ˂)\

♡January 14th, 2024♡ 9:14 pm


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I'm finally starting my new job tomorrow and I'm feeling a mix between excitement and apprehension. MOSTLY EXCITED! But, with all jobs, there comes the fear of burnout, growing to hate the job and the environment etc. etc., but I'm going to try and remain positive about this! It's different than my last gig and a little more intimate, so I feel like I should ultimately enjoy this job a lot more than my old one. I can't even express how grateful I am to finally be done with my call center era. I was NOT exaggerating when I said that it was absolutely dreadful walking into that damn office every morning, five days a week. I quickly learned a huge reason for my misery last year was that job, so I'm just ready to leave that behind me and be at least a little happier overall. I WAS REALLY HOPING I COULD GET TWO PART TIME JOBS...but, the other job I THOUGHT I was being offered apparently won't be available until like. July and information was intentionally witheld from me to hide that extremely important fact. I won't dwell on it too much because I decided that I won't be working with that person anyways, but sucks I had to waste all that gas for practically fucking nothing. ANYWAYS. I have to stream soon, so I think I will stop here for tonite. Going to go all out on my first day tomorrow! Universe send me all of your luck, please!!
P.S. Trying a cute and new font! I think I like this one and stick with it for a while!
- Ike/(˃ᆺ˂)\

♡January 4th, 2024♡ 9:46 pm


Ike is listening to..."Two Dimensions" by EASHA

Good God, it's only been 4 days into the New Year and I think my luck is finally starting to turn around already. Long story short, I was offered a job by someone I contacted on accident LOL. WHAT ARE THE's a much more administrative position thank God, so it won't be nearly as souless and miserable as working at the call center I think. So, naturally, I ended up quitting my job today. I've never felt so much relief in my life walking out of that building!! My only worry is that I'm going to regret doing that, but I'm sure that everything will be fine and I just need to trust the process and believe in they say. I couldn't stand the thought of beeing at that job for another day and I don't think I can handle another year as shitty as 2023, honestly. Some days, it literally felt like I was on the verge of some type of psychotic break, but I survived!! But, yeah! I'm waiting to hear back from them now, so I'm just enjoying my time off for right now. I have been ghosted by jobs and employers before, so I do feel a little antsy, but I believe that she will get back to me. For right now, I will just pour all of my time & energy into my art and building up my nail business. The only person in charge of my future is myself, so it's time to lock in!! Night!
- Ike/(˃ᆺ˂)\

♡January 1st, 2024♡ 11:52 pm 🥳


Ike is listening to..."20s" by The Deep

Good evening everyone, happy New Year!! I really can't believe it's 2024 already...where did the time go?! I feel like I say that every year lmao. Anywho, I have a lot of resolutions for this coming year and one of them is reducing my time on social media significantly and getting back into my webmaster role. Also, instead of doing a different blog page for every month, I think it would be smarter to do everything per year, since I don't be blogging that much anyways lol, so all the blogging for this year will be on here. Like, I have whole webpage just for two entries in October 😭. Like I need to get smarter about utilizing my website space. But yeah! I really want to lock in this year and be a lot more productive and less pessimistic. I would say more BUT...I ACCIDENTALLY ATE TOO MUCH...and I drank alcohol too, so I kinda feel sick af a little too enthusiastic about the New Year I fear. Hopefully, I will feel better in the morning, because I have work...I seriously need some water right now. Anyways! We'll see how that goes...happy New Year again!! Let's make 2024 a great year.
- Ike /(˃ᆺ˂)\

♡January To-Do List♡


♡ Implement Comment boxes on all OC pages
♡ Complete MILF/GILF Shrine
♡ Add more art to the Fanart page
♡ Create "Sailor Juice" pages


♡ Finish concept art for Rachelle's route
♡ Start working on backgrounds
♡ Finish editing Riina's route


♡ Complete Commissions
♡ Complete Brandy & Penelope Zine


♡ Get that Paper